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Considering the many RV cover companies out there, you may be wondering which one is the best choice and why. Well at, we’re confident that our RV covers are the best in the industry. The likelihood of you having to replace your RV cover is small, however, if you ever have any issues with the RV cover, we offer an UNLIMITED Lifetime Warranty.

How does the warranty work?

We'll replace your RV cover with a brand new one if ANYTHING happens to it. This includes defects, soiling, fading, disintegration, stains, rips, and normal wear and tear.

How to file a warranty claim?

Call us at 1-800-916-6041 OR email us at and one of our agents can guide you through your claim.

The warranty doesn't include vehicle damage.


How to Install a RV cover:

  1. Most RV covers will have a "Front" tag on the interior of the cover either sewn or stamped to the front of the cover. Use this to determine the front and rear of your cover.
  2. Lay the cover lengthwise on the ground, make sure the cover is inside out and that the exterior is facing upwards.
  3. Fold in the sides of the cover towards the center.
  4. Roll the cover from the rear leaving the loose end in the front.
  5. Position the rolled cover at the rear of the RV next to the ladder.
  6. Loosen the rolled up cover a bit before climbing up the ladder while holding the front end of the cover in your hand.
  7. Once at the top, start pulling the cover onto the roof little by little. Do this until you have a full strip of cover on the roof of the RV from the front to the back.
  8. Starting at the front of the RV, unfold the cover from side to side, throwing it down the sides of the RV while making your way towards the rear.
  9. Once at the rear, make sure that the corner of the RV opposite to the ladder is positioned under the corner of the cover.
  10. Climb down the ladder while bringing the cover down with you.
  11. Walk around the RV and adjust the cover from side to side.


  1. Undo all the straps and zippers around the RV cover.
  2. Lift the front of the cover up to the top of the RV.
  3. From the rear of the RV pull the cover down.


  • Do NOT cover a wet RV
  • Do NOT cover a hot tail pipe
  • Do NOT cover a RV with the windows sun/moon roof open or doors open.
  • Do NOT cover a RV directly after being driven. Let the RV cold down before putting the cover on.

Please make sure to follow those instructions, we are not responsible to any damage that may occur to your RV.


It is very important to take good care of your RV cover so that the performance of the cover is not affected. Many contaminants such as dirt, grease, oil, etc. can be very harmful to the cover’s performance and it might even deteriorate the cover to the point that the water resistance become invalid. Therefore, we recommend that you regularly wash your cover so that it can protect your RV more effectively for longer period of time.

The cover can be washed either by hand (recommended) or by washing machine.

To wash the RV cover by hand, simply install the cover on your RV and use a water hose to remove all the contaminants, then use a cloth with any multi-purpose cleaner to wash the cover. Apply the water again, then use can use a dry cloth or towel to dry out the cover or simply let it air dry.

For washing machine cleaning:

  • Use the largest washing machine possible (for very large RV, it is recommended to use industrial size machines).
  • Put in on GENTLE mode.
  • Use mild powder detergent to clean the cover with cold water. DO NOT use bleach or fabric softener.
  • Rinse the cover twice in order to remove all the detergent.
  • All Covers must air dry the cover.