Everything You Need to Know About RV Covers

RVs are a substantial investment and will undergo considerable wear over the course of a lifetime. While this fact is taken into consideration when most RVs are designed, and thus are usually quite robust, simple steps can be taken to ensure the best for your RV, regardless of its quality or age. An excellent starting place in the pursuit of RV care is the use of an RV cover. RV Covers, of course, function just like car covers, but are fitted and installed differently to accommodate the size and shape of RVs. For instance, they are often constituted of multiple segments that zip, snap, or Velcro to shape. This combats the impracticality that can come from using a single pre-figured contour on such a (typically) large vehicle. Unlike car covers, it is less common for RV covers to be manufactured specifically for certain makes and brands. Instead, as is done on rvcover.ca, covers are fitted for various classes and styles of RV. This includes Class A, Class B and Class C of RV, as well as fifth wheels, travel trailers, folding campers and truck campers. RV covers are also distinct insofar as they sometimes allow access to the interior of the RV, thus serving as further insolation, protection, or privacy for active RV users: this is not just a storage solution!

Protects from UV damage

UV radiation refers to ultraviolet rays emitted from the sun, as a biproduct of the light and heat it expels. While most people only consider UV radiation as it effects and destroys human skin cells, causing sunburns, tans, or cancer, UV radiation eventually works its destructive effects on non-organic material as well. The pale, blue-pink posters and signs you see posted in the windows of old, poorly maintained buildings and storefronts were not always like that: this degradation is in fact a consequent of UV radiation! Depending on the style of RV you have, this same effect is likely to arise if left unprotected in direct sunlight for an extended period. All RVs, however, regardless of the possibility of fading designs, can suffer interior damage caused by UV radiation. Dashboards, upholstery, and weather sealing will age more rapidly when exposed to unnecessary sun. Of course, these things cannot be concealed at all times, but moderating overall exposure will protect the beauty, comfort, and durability of your RVs interior.

Water protection and weather protection

Rain and extreme weather are two of the most common sources of wear for RVs. This is true both of RVs which are submitted to heavy, constant use and those which are simply sitting around. The size of most, if not all, RVs means that the possibility be stored under a roof or inside is not available to most people. RV covers are the perfect solution to this very real problem. And this solution is not only for the times when your RV is left unoccupied. You can protect your RV from rain and other extreme weather conditions, using a cover, even when you are residing within – many RV covers have ports which can be left open in order to access the interior of the vehicle while covered. With proper planning, this means that you can feasibly protect your RV from most predictable inclement weather, assuming the vehicle is stationary. A further advantage of regular stationary covering is insulation benefits. Because RV covers, such as those at carcover.com, are multi-layer, they offer a degree of insulation against the cold, especially in the form of wind chill. Occupying your RV while it is covered will protect you from dissipating much wanted warmth.

Helps keep the resale value intact

Regardless of the real condition of the ‘bones’ of your RV, the mechanics and component that hold it all together and get you where you need to go, your RV will not fetch its true worth if its surface condition betrays its value. Indeed, potential buyers always judge with their eyes first, and thus reselling a RV that has spent the entirety of its life uncovered will not be able to impress. Keeping your RV under covers in extreme weather or when it isn’t in use will ensure that you are not losing out on a potential sale, or resale value, due to superficial wear.

Superficial concerns aside, a customer may have further, legitimate reason to hesitate when purchasing a used RV that wasn’t protected by a cover. As this article indicates, real damage is done to RVs when they aren’t properly covered. Aesthetic damage, water damage, rust, interior aging, all these consequences will sensibly limit the value of your RV. Even ‘superficial’ damage invites repair, especially for the potential owner with high standards. Your conscience can rest easy from these concerns with an RV cover.

The RV will require less exterior maintenance

RV covers ensure that less exterior maintenance will be necessary for your RV. This maintenance might come in the form of new paintjobs, patching, removing, or replacing rust, rusted parts and rust induced damage. A high-quality RV cover such as those at carcover.com cost less than $500, and this modest expense is pennies and dimes compared to the ever-mounting expenses incurred by the problems listed above. The simple fact is this: purchasing a car cover, if it is a good one, amounts to a one-time expense. Fighting off the exterior damage caused to your RV otherwise is perennial, and exponential.

Indeed, the exterior of your RV is the barrier between it and a much more vulnerable interior: be it the occupant-facing interior, or the true interior of its mechanical, structural, and electrical components. Exterior damage always bears the threat of exposing the interior or developing into interior damage. Rust is a prime example of this possibility: it creates fissures and quietly invites more water and salt into the spaces it occupies, working without your notice from the outside in.

Affordable way to keep your RV safe

Ensuring the safety and longevity of your recreational vehicle (RV) is a priority for every owner. As highlighted in the previous section, the risks and costs associated with leaving your RV unprotected can be substantial and unpredictable. This can range from weather-related damage to wear and tear over time. However, safeguarding your RV doesn't have to be a financial burden. In fact, investing in a quality RV cover is a cost-effective solution that offers long-term benefits without the need for significant upfront expenses.

RV covers, especially those with comprehensive warranties like the ones available at carcover.com, present an economical alternative to the hefty costs of repairing damage. For instance, consider the expense of addressing common issues such as rust. Removing rust can easily cost upwards of $500 each time, but with a durable RV cover, you can proactively prevent such problems, saving money in the long run. This makes RV covers not just a protective measure, but a wise financial decision as well.

The affordability of RV covers is even more apparent during promotional sales. For example, during such events, a top-tier ~40” 'Gold Shield' five-layer RV cover, renowned for its superior protection, can be purchased for less than what you would typically spend on routine maintenance. This is particularly beneficial for owners of smaller RVs, like campers, who will find the prices even more accessible. The cost difference becomes even more striking when you consider the potential savings in terms of avoiding repairs and extending the lifespan of your RV.

In summary, RV covers stand out as a prudent, cost-effective strategy for protecting your investment. They offer a straightforward solution to shield your RV from various external elements, ensuring it remains in optimal condition. With their reasonable pricing, especially during sales, and the significant savings they offer compared to repair costs, RV covers are an undeniable choice for any RV owner looking for a practical and affordable way to safeguard their vehicle.


There are many pertinent reasons to get an RV cover for your RV. RV covers protect from UV damage and the aesthetic and comfort degradation this comes with. They also protect against rain and other extreme weather conditions which will initiate progressive structural damage and mounting repair costs. For reasons cosmetic and pragmatic, RV covers ensure that yours will hold onto its resale value – potential buyers will be comforted to know it has been regularly protected by one. In the end, you will spend less and save your RV, adding years to its life and keeping money in your pocket.

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